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Albena Martinova

09.03 - 11.04.2020

Vision Art Platform is pleased to host Albena Martinova's first solo exhibition titled ‘Dismantled Self’. April Monday March March 9, the opening of the second Project Exhibition Of Vision Art Platform, which will meet with the audience at 42 Maslak Dec.Dec. from March 11 to April 2020, will take place between 14:00 and 20:00 hours.


London-based photographer Albena Martinova's first solo exhibition in Turkey ‘Dismantled Self’ is the story of the artist's journey into himself.


The artist is influenced by fairy tales, myths and their paradoxical logic components that go beyond the boundaries of common sense, taking the concept of memory and perception wraps into the center of his work.


The context of non-belonging caused by displacement and ‘decentralization', the conflict of being neither there nor anywhere else, the artist describes himself as a duplicated and transformed, dismantled self.


Martinova, on the slippery border between reality and imagination, decries her journey between two selves to an aesthetic dimension through photographs Dec.

"Between two countries, two identities, between two decidedly different understandings, neither one nor the other, I seek refuge in the decidedly lightness that ‘nothing' creates in my soul. I don't question. I don't criticize. I hide from the looks that turn on me, the colors that I can't see, the smells that I don't know. I know my answers can't be in that understanding that I can't define. I come out of the crowd of judgments, burning values, and take refuge in the void inside me, not in the form outside me. I create a Yesil fanus and slowly enter it. I'll be cut off from my body, turned around, fell to the ground and disappeared. Then all the curtains rise one by one and I re-form from my soul and create my own definitions in New voids."

Albena Martinova, 2020

Albena Martinova, born in Bulgaria in 1983, is a London-based artist. The artist, who emigrated to Turkey at the age of 6, completed his undergraduate education in 2012 at Izmir Dokuz September University Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of photography, and completed his master's degree in 2015 at Central Saint Martins University Faculty of Art and Design, Department of Photography in London. Between 2004 and 2012, the artist studied in the Department of Statistics, graphic design and photography at different universities in Turkey and the Czech Republic, and has been continuing his life and work in London since Dec 2012.

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