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Vision Art Platform, which has built bridges between artists and art lovers with its out-of-the-box approach since the day it stepped into the art scene, continues its works in the field of contemporary art in its place in Akaretler.


In addition to art and artist talks and various activities, there will also be programs where art lovers can improve themselves on different topics about art. Artists, curators, academics and art professionals, who are well-versed in many subjects such as collecting, reading, art history, curatorial approaches, will share their experiences with the participants.


So far, hosting the projects and works of artists Vision Art Platform continues its preparations to present to the audience the exhibitions of new names and well-known artists in the art world, which it intends to bring to the art scene in the future.


Nisa Taşyar Savaş  Founder

Meryem Taşyar  Co-Founder

Fırat Arapoğlu  Chief Curator

Ozan Uzun  Creative Director

Öykü Türker  Gallery Director

Simge Çetin  Sales Manager

Baran Çetin  Gallery Coordinator

Cem Karabacak  Operations Coordinator


Akaretler No:35

Tuesday - Friday

11am - 6pm


12pm - 6pm

Sunday - Monday


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