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Vision Art participates in the platform Senkron with an online exhibition called Beyond Vision / behind the visible.

Beyond Vision, an exhibition that brings together Gökhan Balkan, Mehmet Öğüt, Özgün Şahin and Sabo, is decked out for online and 3D experience. It is also the first exhibition to reach art lovers from Vision Art Platform's new venue in Akaretler.


Mehmet Öğüt's paintings by burning on paper, Özgün Şahin's “perfect repetition in common space” videos and oil paintings on canvas, Sabo's Magus series paintings inspired by John Fowles, Gökhan Balkan's UV printing works on recording linking culture and nature with a post-human perspective establish a multilingual narrative. This methodical diversity in the exhibition achieves a conceptual unity while questioning the relationship of what appears to be fluid existence. Beyond Vision / questions the possibilities of image in bringing flow, repetition, transformation, life cycle to the eye behind the visible. The idea of this cycle takes place in an ontological context in Mehmet Öğüt, while the original finds its roots in Özgün Şahin, Ecological in Gökhan Balkan, and literary depth in Sabo. Each of them adds a very obvious perception of time/weight to his work.

Mert Acar
Tanzer Arığ
Majid Baharan
Sevim Sancaktar

Işık Özçelik

Candaş Şişman

Nermin Ülker

Mehmet Öğüt paints with the traces left by matches or hormuz on paper. In fact, the picture lets fire and air do it. Thus, he places the mastery of nature against the representational traditions of classical art. The discussion of the contradiction of culture and nature is also central to Gökhan Balkan's work. Balkan looks at the scars left by human-centered history in the world. The sense of rhythm felt in his compositions also echoes in Özgün Şahin's works. Şahin captures the geometric order hidden in the chaotic city life, and perhaps the peace, in kaleidoscopic images and isolated moments. Sabo focuses on a visionary experience where the state of isolation makes the boundaries between delusions and reality the threshold. In Sabo's work, the times of the protagonist, the writer and the painter create different layers, while leaving traces that overlap each other on the canvas.


Coming from different routes, these four artists seem to be after a meaning hidden in coincidence, flow and repetition. While this meaning escapes as it is caught like a stain on the retina, the paths of the artists cross beyond the visible, in the after-time of seeing.

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